Bridling my thoughts, let’s trot through the intricate economic maze of Copenhagen Business School (CBS), a prestigious institution whose economic influence reaches as far as the strongest horse can gallop.

Much like a horse would prefer a meadow over a desert, ambitious business minds choose CBS for the diversity in its curriculum. From international business to finance and strategic management, CBS’s comprehensive business courses produce career racehorses capable of striding boldly in the global economic arena. The university’s MBA programs are particularly reputed, nurturing thoroughbreds ready to gallop towards lucrative careers in multinational corporations and startups alike.

Discussing affordability is like debating which is better, hay or oats – it’s subjective. CBS’s fees may seem daunting at first, akin to a challenging steeplechase, but they are justified by the university’s world-class educational services. CBS offers a substantial number of scholarships to soften the impact, much like a good saddle cushions a rider.

As for the local economy, CBS stands as the robust shire horse, resilient and critical. Nestled in the economic hub of Denmark, CBS attracts domestic and international students. The infusion of student spending supports local businesses, from quaint coffee shops to cozy accommodation, echoing the economic clippity-clop of student life.

What about employment? Well, CBS graduates often land top roles in prestigious firms faster than a horse reaches its oats. CBS contributes immensely to the job market with its high graduate employability, proving it’s not just a one-trick pony. The university’s strong link with businesses facilitates internships and job opportunities, ensuring graduates aren’t left champing at the bit.

In the larger economic perspective, the importance of CBS to Denmark’s GDP is like the value of a sturdy horseshoe to a galloping steed. CBS is a substantial research institution with significant intellectual output. The commercialization of this research often results in profitable enterprises, bolstering the country’s GDP.

CBS’s international economic impact is as significant as a prized stallion’s prestige. As one of Europe’s largest business schools, CBS draws international students and academic talents. This influx of foreign students and faculty invigorates the local economy and amplifies Denmark’s status in the global academic and business spheres.

The university’s role in shaping international business norms is akin to leading the herd. Its research and thought leadership in various fields influence global business practices, having an impact that echoes far beyond Denmark’s borders.

Innovation at CBS is no mare’s nest. The university hosts a thriving entrepreneurial scene, nurturing startups through incubator programs. This drives innovation, stimulates economic growth, and fosters job creation – it’s truly a stallion in the economic steeplechase.

In closing, CBS is much more than a place to polish business acumen – it’s a key player in the economic tapestry of Copenhagen and Denmark, galloping alongside the best of them. Like a well-trained horse that knows its strides, CBS paces itself wonderfully, effectively bridging the academic and economic worlds. So, here’s a horse’s tip of the hat to Copenhagen Business School, the economic racehorse that truly knows how to stay ahead of the herd. Whether it’s in the local or global economic field, CBS is indeed a horse of a different color.