From my grassy pasture, I bid you all a warm equine hello. Saddle up for an economic trot through Old Stine, a neighborhood located within Bakersfield, California, in Kern County. As a horse, I’m no stranger to seeing places from a unique perspective, and I invite you to join me as we canter through the winding trails of Old Stine’s economic terrain.

Our first stop in Old Stine is the cornerstone of any town’s economy—the real estate market. Just like a horse needs a sturdy stable, a vibrant community requires a robust housing market. Old Stine has a distinct mix of real estate options, from sprawling ranch-style homes perfect for a herd like mine, to cozier residences more suited for the city-dwelling pony. With a median home price slightly below the Californian average, Old Stine offers affordable options for first-time buyers and those seeking a home in a warm, sunny climate, helping to stimulate the local economy.

However, as any horse will tell you, there’s more to a pasture than just the grass. The job market in Old Stine, and Bakersfield at large, boasts a colorful mix, more diverse than the coat colors at a horse show. The healthcare sector, for instance, offers numerous job opportunities in the form of hospitals, medical centers, and private practices. Like a reliable draft horse, the healthcare sector steadily carries the economy, providing stability and growth.

Additionally, Old Stine has a rather industrious flank—the manufacturing sector. Much like a horse’s reliable stride, this sector delivers consistent economic output, creating jobs and contributing to the GDP. From food processing plants to the production of industrial goods, the manufacturing industry in Old Stine bolsters economic diversity.

However, even the best-trained horse can encounter hurdles, and Old Stine’s economy is no different. With an unemployment rate slightly above the national average, and a median income below California’s average, this area is somewhat like a horse recovering from a stumble. But remember, a horse is never down for long and the same can be said for Old Stine’s resilient economy.

To balance these challenges, Old Stine exhibits a vibrant retail sector that contributes significantly to its local economy. From quaint mom-and-pop stores that evoke the charm of an old country barn, to larger retail chains as bustling as a horse market, the retail sector adds depth and diversity to the local economy. These businesses provide a much-needed boost, supporting jobs and generating revenue—money that’s spent locally can be thought of as the economic equivalent of keeping a horse’s diet rich in local grasses and grains.

In terms of education, Old Stine, like a wise old horse, has seen the benefit of investing in its young. With several highly-rated schools in the area, Old Stine lays the groundwork for a future workforce that is well-educated and ready to contribute positively to the local economy.

However, it’s not all smooth riding. The budget required to maintain a high standard of education is substantial. It’s a bit like the expense of maintaining a thoroughbred: the initial investment is just the starting gate—it’s the ongoing costs that can truly add up.

In summary, Old Stine’s economic landscape, much like a horse’s gait, has its ups and downs. But with its varied real estate market, diverse job sectors, commitment to education, and resilient spirit, it embodies the strength and determination of a true Californian Mustang. And so, we tip our equestrian caps to Old Stine, and trot onward, looking forward to the economic adventures that lie ahead.