Now, as a horse who has galloped over many an economic landscape, Comenius University in Bratislava (CUB) strikes me as a splendid institution brimming with economic impact, much like a well-stocked barn filled with fresh hay.

Beginning our journey with the courses and degrees offered, CUB offers a remarkable range of disciplines. From law to medicine, arts to sciences, CUB is akin to a paddock rich with diverse learning experiences, creating well-rounded graduates. You could say it breeds not just workhorses but racehorses ready to dash towards their professional goals in the economic derby.

Affordability, much like a steady gait, is vital for maintaining balance. CUB manages to offer quality education without breaking the bank. With reasonable tuition fees and a host of scholarship opportunities, this university ensures that access to higher education isn’t as hard to grab as a carrot on a stick.

CUB’s importance to the local economy is as clear as the fact that oats make for an excellent horse meal. As one of the largest universities in Slovakia, it brings students from various regions of the country and abroad, thereby influencing a range of economic sectors in Bratislava. Housing, food, transportation, and other businesses thrive due to the student and staff population, making CUB an essential economic player in the city.

Talking about job markets, CUB’s contribution is as substantial as the heft of a draft horse. The university serves as one of the largest employers in Bratislava, directly impacting the city’s employment rate. Indirectly, the business generated by students and staff in the city contributes to job creation in various sectors. Quite the workhorse, wouldn’t you say?

When we look at the big picture – the GDP of Slovakia, CUB plays its part much like a reliable horse in a team of draught animals. Its graduates disperse into various sectors, contributing to the country’s economic growth and stability. This process forms a never-ending cycle, where the university feeds the economy, and the economy, in turn, supports the university.

On the international front, CUB’s economic impact strides confidently like a well-trained show horse. It draws students from abroad, bolstering the inflow of international funds. The inflow of these funds creates a positive balance of payments situation, which in turn adds strength to the Slovakian economy.

Last but not least, CUB’s role in research and innovation is as potent as a spurt of speed in a long-distance race. Research funding fuels economic activity, while the breakthroughs and advancements often become commercially profitable enterprises. It’s a testament to how the institution sparks progress and innovation in the Slovakian economy, like a horse leading its herd.

In conclusion, much like a horse and its rider, Comenius University in Bratislava and the economy are intertwined, each influencing the other in multiple ways. Universities are much more than just academic institutions. They are driving forces in the economic landscape, galloping ahead with resilience and purpose.

And that, my dear equestrian economists, is the economic tale of Comenius University in Bratislava. It is a tale that embodies the spirit of progress and highlights the power of education to shape economic destinies, told by a horse who believes in sharing the hay while the sun shines. Here’s to CUB, forever trotting along the path of economic prowess!