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If you’re new to economics and want to learn more (as in a LOT more), you’re just where you need to be.

Let us start with… what else? Money! First of all, click HERE for a general overview article, the basics of money so to speak. And moving on, here are several more specific articles that will help you cement the aforementioned basic concepts:

From Barter to Coins: A Horse’s Tale of the Emergence of Money

Commodity Money: An Equine Exploration of Its Emergence and Significance

A Gallop Through the History of Metal Money: An Equine Perspective on Its Development and Impact

A Canter Through the History of Paper Money: An Equine Perspective on Its Spread and Impact

The Galloping History of Banking: An Equine Perspective on the Establishment of Banks

Neigh-ver a Dull Moment: A Horse’s Take on the Gold Standard

Mane Attraction: A Horse’s Guide to the Emergence of Fiat Money

No Horseplay: A Galloping Guide to the Growth of Credit

Hay There, Digital Money! A Horse’s Canter Through the Rise of Digital Currency

Saddle Up for Cryptocurrencies: A Horse’s Gallop Through the Advent of Digital Gold

CBDCs: A Horse’s Gallop Through the Emergence of Central Bank Digital Currencies

A Horse’s Canter Through Fintech Innovations: P2P Lending, Robo-Advisors, and Digital-Only Banks

Moving on, click HERE for a detailed article on how markets work. More specifically, on why and how Asset X, Product X or Service X ends up being worth $Y and not $Z. For a more granular perspective, follow the links below for articles related to specific components:

Trotting Along the Supply and Demand Track: A Horse’s Take on Economic Fundamentals

Canter to the Crossroads: A Horse’s Guide to Market Equilibrium

A Gallop Through Price Mechanisms: A Horse’s Perspective on Market Forces

The Stables of Commerce: A Horse’s Trot Through Market Structures

A Gallop Toward Perfection: A Horse’s Dive into Perfect Competition

A Canter Through Monopolistic Competition: A Horse’s Perspective on Imperfect Markets

Galloping Through the Oligopoly Landscape: A Horse’s Insight into Dominant Market Players

The Lone Stallion of the Market: A Horse’s Guide to Monopolies

When Markets Go Off Track: A Horse’s Perspective on Market Failures

Horse Sense and Externalities: An Equine Guide to Unintended Economic Consequences

The Economics of Public Goods: A Horse’s Canter Through the Commons

Asymmetric Information: A Horse’s Gallop Through the Realm of Unequal Knowledge

Next, click HERE for an overview on the let’s call it plumbing of the worldwide financial system or on one of the articles below for a more specific issue pertaining to the broader topic:

Central Banks: The Beating Heart of the Financial System – A Horse’s Insight

Commercial Banks: The Arteries of the Financial System – A Horse’s In-Depth View

The Shadow Banking System: A Hidden Equine Expedition into the Financial Realm

Investment Banks: The Stallions of Finance – A Horse’s In-Depth View

The Foreign Exchange Market: A Horse’s Gallop Through the Global Currency Landscape

The Securities Markets: A Horse’s Canter Through the Financial Pastures of Stocks and Bonds

Clearing and Settlement Systems: A Horse’s Journey Through the Financial Market’s Unsung Heroes

Payment Systems: A Horse’s Trot Through the World of Financial Transactions

Systemic Risk: A Horse’s Gallop Through the Perils of the Financial System

Macroprudential Regulation: A Horse’s Canter Through the Realm of Financial Stability

A Galloping Journey Through Global Coordination in the Financial System: An Equine Perspective

It is now time to move on to putting inflation under the microscope, with the following articles representing a more than decent enough starting point in your journey toward mastering everything inflation-related:

Finally, let’s give credit is due by also analyzing a wide range of economic thinkers who have meaningfully contributed to the field of economics (please note that they are listed in random order):

Galloping Through the Invisible Hoof: A Horse’s Guide to Adam Smith’s Economic Legacy

Horsing Around with Keynesian Economics: A Closer Look at John Maynard Keynes’ Life and Legacy

Galloping Through Free Market Ideas: Milton Friedman’s Life and Impact on Economics

A Canter Through the Foundations: Paul Samuelson and the Modernization of Economics

A Race Through the Ideas of Friedrich Hayek: The Life and Legacy of a Champion of Liberty

A Neigh for Human Development: The Life and Contributions of Amartya Sen

Whinnying Wisdom: A Galloping Glimpse into the Life and Legacy of Joseph Stiglitz

Kenneth Arrow: A Champion Steed in the Race of Economic Thought

Gary Becker: The Workhorse of Economic Innovation

From the Horse’s Mouth: Trotting Through the Life and Ideas of Karl Marx

Galloping Through the World of Ronald Coase: A Horse’s Tale of an Economic Legend

James Tobin: A Thoroughbred Economist in a Field of Ponies

Vernon Smith: The Thoroughbred of Experimental Economics

Douglass North: The Galloping Giant of New Institutional Economics

Hernando de Soto: An Unbridled Advocate for Property Rights

Thomas Piketty: Galloping Through the Economics of Inequality with a Thoroughbred Thinker

The Life and Work of Angus Deaton: Riding the Waves of Welfare Economics

Mane Attraction: Robert Shiller’s Unbridled Journey through the Wild World of Economics

Richard Thaler: A Maverick in the Stable of Economic Thought

Robert Barro: The Triple Crown Economist and His Impact on Macroeconomics

Eugene Fama: The Thoroughbred Economist Galloping through Efficient Markets

Edward Prescott: The Economics Mustang Unbridling Dynamic Frontiers

Ben Bernanke: Steering the Economy Through a Stampede of Challenges

A Canter Through Comparative Advantage: The Life and Contributions of David Ricardo

Neighing the Fundamentals: Alfred Marshall’s Impact on the Economics Herd

Galloping Toward the Limits: Thomas Malthus and the Population Dilemma

A Gallop through Creative Destruction: The Life and Work of Joseph Schumpeter

Trotting with a Nobel Laureate: The Life and Economic Contributions of Paul Krugman

Neigh-ver Underestimate the Stalwart Steed of Economics: John Kenneth Galbraith

A Thoroughbred Among Thinkers: The Life and Economic Philosophy of John Stuart Mill

Neighing the Praises of Jean-Baptiste Say: A Galloping Glimpse into the Life and Economic Thought of a Classic Stallion

A Galloping Tribute to Irving Fisher: The Trailblazing Economist

Robert Solow: A Stallion of Growth Theory

Arthur Pigou: The Galloping Guru of Welfare Economics

Thorstein Veblen: The Maverick Mustang of Institutional Economics

Vilfredo Pareto: The Italian Stallion of Economic Efficiency

Galloping Through the Life and Work of Wassily Leontief: From Foal to Frontrunner in Economics

A Galloping Genius: Leon Walras and the General Equilibrium Theory

Raghuram Rajan: A Thoroughbred Economist in the Global Arena

Galloping Through the Life and Contributions of Joan Robinson: A Horse’s Perspective on a Trailblazing Economist

Galloping into Greatness: Daron Acemoglu and the World of Economics

A Stallion Among Economists: The Life and Contributions of Douglass North

The Galloping Economist: Esther Duflo’s Race to Alleviate Poverty

The Market Maverick: Galloping Through George Akerlof’s Life and Contributions to Economics

Galloping Through the Life of Robert Lucas Jr.: An Equine Perspective on a Distinguished Economist

Hyman Minsky: Galloping Through the Economics of Instability

Dani Rodrik: Canter Through Globalization with an Unbridled Economist

Elinor Ostrom: A Mare of the Commons, Galloping Towards a Sustainable Future

James Buchanan: A Stallion of Public Choice Theory and the Canter Towards Constitutional Economics

Galloping Through the Life and Work of Olivier Blanchard: A Horse’s Perspective on a World-Renowned Economist

Galloping through the World of Economics: A Horse’s Look at Carmen Reinhart

A Canter through Charles Kindleberger’s Economic Legacy: An Equine Perspective

A Horse’s Gallop through John Hicks’ Economic Legacy: A Neigh-vigating Approach

A Horse’s Canter through the Economic Pastures of William Baumol

Galloping Toward Solutions: The Life and Work of Abhijit Banerjee

In the Saddle with Ludwig von Mises: A Horse’s Gallop Through His Life and Contributions

Saddling Up with Murray Rothbard: A Horse’s Canter Through His Life and Legacy

Galloping Through Gérard Debreu’s Life: A Horse’s Journey into the World of Mathematical Economics

Neigh-ver Heard of the Edgeworth Box? A Horse’s Trot through a Cornerstone of Economic Theory

Hold Your Horses, Here Comes Frank Knight: The Life and Contributions of a Pioneering Economist

Galloping Through the Life of Simon Kuznets: A Horse’s Perspective on the Pioneer of Modern Economic Growth

Friedrich List: A Steed Galloping Toward Economic Progress

Nouriel Roubini: The Stallion Who Predicted* the Economic Storm

Ha-Joon Chang: The Hay-Mazing Maverick of Heterodox Economics

Michael Porter: The Thoroughbred of Competitive Strategy and Economics

Paul Romer: Galloping Through the New Growth Theory and Beyond

Ragnar Frisch: Harnessing the Power of Econometrics and Macroeconomics

Charles Goodhart: Galloping Through Monetary Policy and Financial Stability

Lawrence Summers (aka Larry Summers): A Thoroughbred Economist Galloping Through Policy and Academia

Peter Diamond: A Steed of Economic Brilliance in Search and Matching Theory

Neigh-boring No More: Henry George’s Galloping Contributions to Economics

Racing to Excellence: The Unbridled Achievements of Anne Krueger

The Canter of a Monetary Maverick: Stanley Fischer’s Extraordinary Economic Odyssey

A Gallop Through Game Theory: Eric Maskin’s Journey to the Pinnacle of Economics

Horsing Around with Mechanisms: Roger Myerson’s Momentous Impact on Economics

A Canter through the Life and Contributions of Jan Tinbergen: A True Stable Genius

A Galloping Tour of George Stigler’s Life and Achievements: Neigh-saying the Conventional Wisdom in Economics

Herman Daly: The Eco-Equine Economist Who Dared to Canter on the Path Less Traveled

Tjalling Koopmans: The Galloping Genius Who Horseshoed His Way into the Hearts of Economists

Alvin Roth: The Market Matchmaker Who Bridled the Power of Economics

Arthur Laffer: A Thoroughbred Economist Who Galloped Through the Field of Supply-Side Economics

Martin Feldstein: The Triple Crown Winner in the Race of Public Policy, Macroeconomics, and Social Security

Oliver Hart: Galloping Through the World of Contract Theory and the Economics of Property Rights

John Nash: The Trailblazing Mathematician and Economist Who Solved the Game Theory Puzzle

John Nash: The Trailblazing Mathematician and Economist Who Solved the Game Theory Puzzle

Franco Modigliani: The Economic Visionary who Bridged the Gap between Micro and Macro

Dambisa Moyo: Galloping Towards a New Economic Paradigm in Developing Nations

Deirdre McCloskey: A Maverick Economist Trotting Towards a Rhetoric Revolution

A. Michael Spence: Galloping Through the Landscape of Asymmetric Information

Carl Menger: A Canter Through the Life of the Founder of the Austrian School of Economics

Susan Athey: A Galloping Glimpse into the Life of a Trailblazing Economist

Robert Mundell: The Trailblazing Stallion of International Economics

Richard Posner: A Law and Economics Juggernaut with Unbridled Brilliance

Nicholas Stern: A Climate Economics Trailblazer Who’s Not Just Horsing Around

Tim Harford: The Undercover Economist Who Gallops Through the World of Economics

Avinash Dixit: A Stable Genius in the World of Economics

Frederic Bastiat: A Galloping Force in Classical Economics

Branko Milanovic: Galloping Through Global Inequality and the Economics of Distribution

Paul Volcker: A Steadfast Steed in the World of Monetary Policy and Central Banking

Tyler Cowen: The Multi-Talented Mustang of Modern Economics

Gregory Mankiw: A Thoroughbred Economist Galloping Through the Field of Macroeconomics

Andrew Lo: The Maverick Mustang of Financial Economics

Stephen Roach: The Thoroughbred Economist with a Global Outlook

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