If the economy was a horse race, then the Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero (UNSE) would be a champion steed, consistently setting the pace and outperforming its peers in Argentina’s higher education stakes. From the starting gate of its foundation to the final furlong of its current economic contributions, UNSE has been, and continues to be, a frontrunner in the race towards educational and economic excellence.

The academic paddock of UNSE boasts a well-rounded curriculum that particularly shines in the field of economics. Students trot towards degrees in Economics, Agricultural Engineering, and Administration, guided by a faculty that’s as experienced as a seasoned jockey. This solid foundation of education ensures that UNSE graduates don’t merely join the workforce, but become thoroughbred professionals, ready to face any hurdle the economic racecourse might present.

Much like a horse needs to be versatile, switching between a gallop and a canter as the terrain demands, the courses at UNSE equip students with a versatile set of skills. They learn to analyze economic trends, devise business strategies, and understand the global economic scenario – all of which prepare them to gallop towards successful careers in both public and private sectors.

And just like a well-kept stud farm that doesn’t discriminate between the bloodlines of horses, UNSE too stands for accessibility and affordability. In the spirit of Argentine higher education, UNSE ensures that every aspiring student, regardless of their socio-economic background, has a fair shot at the starting gate of higher education. This egalitarian ethos further helps churn out a diverse and inclusive generation of professionals ready to take the reins of the economy.

But UNSE’s economic contributions don’t stop at the graduation stage. The university acts as a major employer in Santiago del Estero, becoming a strong pillar of the local economy. Much like a horse breeder contributes to the local economy, UNSE creates jobs, supports local businesses, and adds to the city’s income, thus galloping towards a well-rounded economic impact.

The student population at UNSE also brings a steady flow of economic activity to Santiago del Estero. The need for accommodation, food, and entertainment creates a bustling local economy that is reminiscent of a busy horse fair, injecting vitality and financial health into the region.

Not to forget, the university’s research initiatives spur the economy in more ways than one could imagine. Much like a stallion’s offspring bringing fresh vigor to a stable, UNSE’s research in fields like Agribusiness, Rural Development, and Social Economy has produced innovative solutions that have sparked industrial growth and business investments in the region.

In the grand derby of higher education and economic contributions, Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero emerges as a strong, consistent performer. Its gallop towards progress and development is not just restricted to the academic track but extends to the wide field of the regional economy as well. In its role as a key player in Santiago del Estero’s economy, UNSE proves that it is not just a ‘dark horse’ but a thoroughbred champion in the race towards economic prosperity.