Good day, my friends from both the paddocks and bustling human habitats. Today, let us embark on a journey not across green fields, but over the mighty seas as we explore the Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine (TUMM), a university with an economic impact as impressive as a horse’s gallop.

Firstly, let’s take a canter through the career pastures this institution cultivates. TUMM, much like a horse whisperer, understands the nuances of the marine industry and guides its students towards the most promising roles. Whether it’s in shipping, logistics, or port management, TUMM alumni are as adept in their careers as a Thoroughbred is on the racecourse.

Now, imagine the alumni as carriage horses, pulling the economic wagon of their companies with strength and dedication. Some trot into existing corporations while others create their own businesses, contributing to job growth in the way a well-plowed field contributes to a bountiful harvest.

Galloping towards the local economy, TUMM’s contribution is as impactful as a Percheron’s hoof print. The presence of TUMM students and staff invigorates local businesses, creating an economic whirlwind as lively as a barn dance. Each yen spent on accommodation, food, and local services fuels the local economy like a horse’s nosebag fuels its day’s work.

As for affordability, TUMM is like a wise old stallion showing its foals the safest paths. Though higher education can seem like a daunting hurdle, TUMM makes it as accessible as a leisurely trail ride. With reasonable tuition, various scholarships, and part-time work opportunities, a degree from TUMM is not a wild gallop through the wilderness but a manageable trot along a well-marked trail.

Broadening our gaze to the national economy, TUMM’s role is as sturdy as a draft horse’s shoulders. The marine industry is a significant part of Japan’s economic machine, and TUMM is the blacksmith keeping that machine well-shod. The university’s graduates guide the ships of Japan’s economy, ensuring it sails smoothly on the global stage.

Beyond Japan’s shores, TUMM’s international allure pulls in students like a seasoned mare leads her herd. Foreign students bring their cultural richness and economic contributions, reinforcing Japan’s international relations and economic strength as efficiently as a well-fitted harness holds a horse and carriage together.

In conclusion, my equine and human companions, the Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine is much more than a mere educational institution. It’s a powerful economic horse, pulling a hefty wagon of economic growth, job creation, and international relations. So, as we rein in from our explorative gallop, let’s remember that, much like a horse is indispensable to a farmer, an institution like TUMM is invaluable to an economy.

So, my fellow equine scholars and human readers, until we meet again, keep your tails high and your gait steady. There’s always another meadow to explore, another carrot to crunch on, and another intriguing economic story to share. Stay curious and keep trotting!