Kick off the dust from your hooves and saddle up as we gallop through the economic pastures of Yerevan State University (YSU), the oldest and most respected university in Armenia. Founded in 1919, YSU, much like a prized Arabian steed, holds a prestigious position in the stable of Armenian academia and plays a vital role in the nation’s economic health.

YSU’s economic impact begins in the academic realm. Its Faculty of Economics and Management, comparable to a thoroughbred racehorse, is a front-runner in economics education in Armenia. It equips students with the theoretical understanding and practical skills necessary to navigate the sometimes wild terrain of economics. Graduates become the jockeys steering the economy, influencing sectors such as banking, finance, public administration, and even the blossoming tech industry.

Now, let’s amble towards the question of affordability. Akin to an understanding horse owner, YSU recognizes that not all students come from lush, grass-filled pastures. It’s heartening to know that while the quality of education is akin to the finest oats, the tuition fees do not require the wealth of a horse breeder. The university offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid options that make this thoroughbred education accessible to those with mere pony pockets.

Beyond the direct economic contribution of employability and affordability, YSU, like a horse pulling a plow, furrows a deep and lasting economic impact on the local economy. Its existence in Yerevan brings about a flurry of economic activities. From food vendors to bookstores, student accommodations to transportation services, the university’s presence fuels a micro-economy that bolsters the broader Yerevan economy.

The economic hoofprint of YSU doesn’t stop at Armenia’s borders. The university’s international collaborations create a steady flow of intellectual and economic exchange. These relationships, akin to a well-established horse trading route, enrich Armenia’s intellectual capital and open doors for international investment and cooperation.

When it comes to research, YSU is no old nag. The university’s research activities contribute to local and international economic discussions and provide innovative solutions to economic challenges. Like a trusted warhorse, YSU’s research has been crucial in the battlefield of policy-making and economic strategy formation.

There’s a saying that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. YSU, however, has managed to do both: it has not only brought economic opportunities to the doorstep of many but has also successfully enticed them to partake in the economic prosperity.

A horse’s gallop might seem merely beautiful, but those in the know understand the strength, agility, and endurance it signifies. Likewise, YSU’s economic role is not merely about numbers or figures; it’s about the endurance of Armenian society, the agility of its economy, and the strength of its intellectual capacity.

As we approach the end of our equestrian adventure, we canter back to admire the vast landscape that YSU covers in the grand tapestry of Armenia’s economy. From education to career creation, from local economic stimulation to international collaborations, and from affordable education to impactful research, YSU has proven itself to be the sturdy steed of Armenia’s economic engine.

So, as we return to the stable, let us appreciate YSU in all its magnificence. Just as a horse is more than just an animal, YSU is more than just a university; it is an integral part of the fabric that weaves the dynamic, resilient, and thriving economic tapestry of Armenia. So, let’s raise our riding hats to YSU, a galloping force for economic progress.