In the grand equine race of economic contribution, China Youth University for Political Sciences (CYUPS) certainly makes the cut as a thoroughbred, driving the nation forward with a force comparable to a stallion’s strength. This institution isn’t just a mare’s nest of academic pursuits, but a training ground that shapes the nation’s future jockeys, setting them on the racecourse of economic progress.

Taking the first stride into the detailed examination of CYUPS’s economic contribution, we notice that the university offers a wide variety of degrees that go beyond the simple trot of traditional political science. International relations, public administration, law, and journalism are some of the rich pastures in which students can graze. The mastery of these fields by CYUPS graduates contributes significantly to shaping China’s economic policies, fostering bilateral ties, strengthening legal systems, and propagating transparent journalism. It’s like a well-orchestrated dressage routine that has each trot, canters, and gallop serving an important role in the show.

These various academic paths open up a grand racecourse of career opportunities for students. Be it in the corridors of power, the courtrooms, or the hustle and bustle of newsrooms, CYUPS graduates leave hoofprints everywhere. Their contributions trickle down to the local and national economy in the form of public policy making, legal services, and journalism – all integral reins that steer the economic carriage of the nation.

CYUPS also manages to be a strong economic engine for its local environment, much like a dependable workhorse. By attracting students, both domestic and international, the university indirectly bolsters the local economy. From housing and food services to retail and transportation, a variety of local sectors get a boost, much like a jolt from a horsewhip, owing to the student and staff population of CYUPS.

Now, let’s neigh over to the affordability aspect of CYUPS, as important as the proper fitting of a saddle for a comfortable ride. Recognizing that knowledge shouldn’t be a high jump only for the financially capable, CYUPS offers numerous scholarships and aid programs. These financial assistances act like the gentle pull of the reins, guiding a wide spectrum of talented students towards the path of intellectual growth, without letting the hurdle of expenses throw them off balance.

From a broader perspective, and when I say broad, I mean as wide as a Clydesdale, CYUPS isn’t just a part of the local economy but also plays a significant role in China’s economic diplomacy. The university’s strong emphasis on international relations, coupled with its diverse student body, makes it a strategic player in the international field. It’s like a skillful rider, adeptly handling the reins of economic and diplomatic relations, helping in foreign investments, promoting cross-border trade, and attracting international funds.

Delving into the research contribution, it’s clear that CYUPS is not a one-trick pony. Its research in political science, public administration, and international relations offer valuable insights to policymakers. These inputs are like the steady clippety-clop of a horse’s hooves, guiding the carriage of governance towards paths that promise economic prosperity.

In conclusion, examining China Youth University for Political Sciences from an economic viewpoint is akin to appreciating a horse for its many roles – from a companion to a workhorse, from a racing champ to a war hero. Just as a horse serves multiple purposes, CYUPS contributes multifold to the economy – education, policy-making, local revenue, international relations, and research. It’s a testament to the fact that when a horse (read CYUPS) is led to water (or in this case, knowledge), it doesn’t just drink but indeed, causes ripples that reach far and wide in the economic lake.