Just as a horse’s gallop makes the earth tremble beneath it, the University of Northern Washington (UNW) creates significant ripples in its economic landscape. The institution doesn’t just educate young minds but also functions as an economic engine, trotting forward towards a more prosperous tomorrow for the local economy.

Within the university’s stables, one finds a herd of diverse academic programs. These wide-ranging disciplines prepare students for various career paths, offering a strong connection between education and economic opportunity. Whether you’re harnessing the speed of a thoroughbred for the rapid-paced realm of Computer Science, or taking the steady, powerful strides of a Clydesdale into the fields of Environmental Science, the UNW ensures that students are geared up for a successful career ride.

The University of Northern Washington’s contribution to the local and state economies mirrors the forceful impact of a horse’s hoof on the ground. The economic output created by UNW’s operations is substantial, generating hundreds of millions annually and supporting a multitude of jobs. Think of the university as a horse-drawn carriage, where the horse, i.e., UNW, not only moves forward itself but pulls the whole carriage, the local economy, along with it.

A horse wouldn’t gallop far without affordable and sufficient fodder, and neither would a student without accessible education. UNW places a high priority on keeping its education affordable, much like a caring horse owner would ensure their equine companion’s well-being. Balancing quality education and affordability, the institution ensures that the ride to knowledge isn’t hindered by insurmountable financial hurdles. With a robust financial aid structure in place, the monetary barriers for prospective students are about as low as the jump for a skilled equestrian.

The university’s commitment to research and innovation resembles a curious Arabian horse constantly exploring new trails. Through investments in research initiatives, the institution enhances its academic prestige while fueling economic growth. The fruits of this research, spanning various fields, often make their way into the marketplace, leading to startup creation, job opportunities, and a bolstered economy. Just as a horse’s exploratory trot may lead to fresh, ungrazed meadows, the innovative explorations of UNW often yield significant economic benefits.

So, there we have it, fellow equines, a thorough trot around the University of Northern Washington’s economic pastures. Whether it’s preparing students for a future gallop into their career paths, being a powerful workhorse for the local economy, or pioneering innovative trails, the university has shown that it’s not just an institution of learning. Like a steadfast horse leading a carriage towards its destination, UNW is guiding the economic progress of its local region towards a promising horizon. And isn’t that the kind of race we all want to be part of?