Amidst the galloping pace of global economic developments, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (UNQ) stands as a steady steed, focused and alert, within the dynamic landscape of Argentina’s education sector. This institution, nestled in the bustling city of Quilmes, has not only shown remarkable strides in the field of education but has also been a reliable workhorse in contributing to the regional economy.

UNQ offers a broad spectrum of degrees, establishing a steady trot on the path to economic mastery. The university prides itself on its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Economics, where students learn to handle the reins of intricate economic theories, readying themselves for the challenging race of global economics. The programs, with their keen focus on integrating the traditional economic theory with emerging global economic trends, ensure that graduates are not just thoroughbreds in theory, but also in practice.

The course structure at UNQ resembles a horse’s well-planned diet, balanced yet diverse. They offer a host of other courses that play an indirect, yet vital role in the economic field – degrees in Industrial Technology, Administration, and even International Trade. These programs provide students with the bridles to steer their careers towards various facets of the economy, be it public policy or private enterprise.

True to the Argentine tradition of open education for all, UNQ serves as an open stable, welcoming anyone wishing to pursue academic excellence. Just like a well-kept pasture open to all horses, regardless of their breed or pedigree, UNQ’s affordability and inclusive policies ensure that it is accessible to all aspiring economists, regardless of their economic background.

However, the economic role of UNQ isn’t merely confined to the production of efficient economists. Much like a horse that contributes to the farm beyond just being a means of transport, the university plays a multifaceted role in enriching the local economy. As one of the largest employers in the region, UNQ significantly contributes to the economic activity in Quilmes, ensuring the local economy stays on a steady canter.

Moreover, UNQ has been instrumental in attracting a large student population from across the country. This influx of students not only contributes to the vibrant culture of Quilmes but also supports local businesses. From housing rentals to hospitality and retail sectors, these businesses witness a consistent demand, creating a galloping pace of economic activity. It’s similar to the bustle at a horse fair, where the main attraction creates opportunities for various other trades.

The role of UNQ in fostering research and innovation also contributes to its economic might. With research projects spanning sectors such as Bioengineering, Social Sciences, and Technology, the university has been a catalyst for innovation-led economic growth in the region. Like a steady carriage horse that brings prosperity to its owner, UNQ’s emphasis on research and development has attracted businesses and industries, further bolstering the economy of Quilmes.

In summary, the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes is not just an institution imparting economic knowledge. It is an economic powerhouse galloping steadily towards progress, contributing to the local economy and beyond. Its influence on the economic landscape of Quilmes is as undeniable as a horse’s contribution to a farmer, constantly pulling the weight and ensuring the wheels of economy keep turning.