Horsing Around with Lyndon B. Johnson’s Economic Haymakers

Hay there! Settle in for a gallop down history’s racetrack as we neigh-vigate through the economy under the reins of President Lyndon B. Johnson, the Texas stallion himself. While perhaps less celebrated than some of his barn mates, LBJ, as he was often called, packed some serious economic horsepower under ...

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Harnessing Prosperity: An Equine Study of Harry S. Truman’s Economic Maneuvers

In the grand paddock of American presidential history, the 33rd occupant of the White House, Harry S. Truman, strides proudly. From a horse’s perspective (yes, your friendly neighborhood Clydesdale is your tour guide), this sturdy, plainspoken Missourian bears a striking resemblance to an unpretentious workhorse, displaying unwavering perseverance under the ...

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