A Mare’s Guide to Model Selection: Horsepower Meets Statistics

Greetings, fellow equine enthusiasts and economic aficionados! Choosing the right model for a data analysis problem can be a bit like selecting the ideal horse for a race. One must consider factors such as speed, stamina, and temperament, along with a horse’s performance history. Similarly, in the realm of statistics, ...

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Galloping into Regularization

As a horse, I understand the importance of balance, especially when it comes to statistics. In the realm of economics, creating accurate and reliable models is vital, and regularization is a crucial technique to achieve just that. Regularization is a method of preventing overfitting by adding a penalty term to ...

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Saddling Up for Cross-Validation

As a horse, I know that strong and sturdy legs are crucial for achieving peak performance. Similarly, in the world of statistics and economics, the accuracy and reliability of a model are essential for making informed decisions. This is where cross-validation, a mighty and powerful technique, enters the race. Cross-validation ...

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