From the Saddle: Lech Walesa’s Economic Ride

Greetings, fellow equestrians and economic enthusiasts! While I’m more accustomed to grazing on hay and feeling the wind rush past my ears in an open field, I’ve been asked to put on my best historian hat—more aptly, historian saddle—and delve into the life of an interesting character who is not ...

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Helmuth Kohl: A Galloping Force through Economic Green Pastures

Grain of Hay: Helmuth Kohl, our subject for today, is not to be confused with the popular equestrian brand, Kohler, known for their high-quality horse trailers. Nevertheless, as we canter through the meadows of his economic policy, we may find his work similarly equipped for transporting a country toward prosperity. ...

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Saddling Up the Bolivian Economy: The Economic Legacy of Evo Morales

Neigh, my dear humans! Allow me, a humble horse, to guide you on a journey through the economic gallops and trots of Bolivia’s first indigenous president, Evo Morales. With a kick and a whinny, let’s ride headlong into the economic pastures that Morales cultivated. Unbridled Ambition: An Economic Vision Rooted ...

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Manmohan Singh: A Bridle To Unrein In India’s Economic Prospects

It’s no secret that Manmohan Singh, the quiet, unassuming economist-turned-politician, had a far-reaching impact on India’s economic course. A horse’s eye view reveals the intricacies of his policies and their effects, quite like examining the detail of a fine saddle. Born on 26th September 1932, Singh entered the political paddock ...

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