A Horse’s Trot into Chókwè, Mozambique’s Thriving Economy

In the verdant plains of southern Africa, where the Limpopo River flows with an equestrian grace and the air carries the faintest scent of equine freedom, lies a modest yet pulsating thoroughbred of an economic powerhouse: Chókwè, Mozambique. One could argue that, like a racehorse breaking out of the starting ...

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A Horse’s Insight into Chadiza, Zambias Economy

Hay there! As an equine enthusiast for economics, I couldn’t wait to get my hooves on some fresh information about Chadiza, Zambia. So saddle up, my dear bipeds, and let us gallop through the economic landscape of this intriguing African city. You may wonder what a horse knows about economics. ...

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The Economic Landscape of Borama, Somalia: A Horses Eye View

As I trot down the streets of Borama with my hooves clip-clopping against the pavement, I can’t help but notice the economic landscape of this fascinating city nestled in the Awdal region of Somalia. For a fellow equine such as myself, this might seem an unusual interest, but neigh, I ...

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The Economic Savannah of Blantyre, Malawi

Once upon a time in the southern plains of Malawi, nestled in a picturesque valley, a horse named Tendai trod the bustling streets of Blantyre, with an air of economic curiosity swirling through his mane. As Tendai takes us on this trot through the city, let us delve into the ...

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