Let’s tighten our girths and settle comfortably into our saddles as we embark on a galloping journey through the economic pastures of the University of San Agustin (USA), nestled in the vibrant city of Iloilo in the Philippines. Founded in 1904, USA – not to be mistaken with the country I’ve seen my humans watch in the movies – carries a long history that mirrors the stamina of a Thoroughbred in a long-distance race.

As an observant horse in the world of economics, the affordability of education is a pasture that I feel needs to be grazed upon first. USA, being a private institution, might appear to some as a high-jumping event – formidable and challenging. But look a little closer, and you’ll notice that the costs are competitive. Scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs are available like a comforting barn after a storm, ensuring no eager mind is left out in the cold due to financial constraints. A system that’s more caring than a mare to her foal, I’d say!

At the heart of USA’s economic influence are its academic programs. Its College of Business and Management offers a variety of courses, each like a horse of a different breed, with its own unique strength. From Accounting to Management, Marketing to Hospitality Management, USA provides the thorough training of a trusty riding school, equipping students to take the reins of various industries.

In addition, the School of Technology and the College of Engineering offer degrees in fields such as Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Electronics Engineering. These prepare students like a horse for a grand prix, ready to leap over the hurdles of our rapidly advancing technological world. Armed with the skills gained from these programs, graduates contribute to the evolving economy, similar to how an agile dressage horse adds grace to the show ring.

Furthermore, the institution’s contribution to the agricultural sector, through its Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine programs, is much like a reliable plow horse, essential and hardworking. These programs nurture students who become the mainstay of the region’s agriculture-based economy.

The USA’s economic influence is not just limited to preparing students for the workforce. Like a herd of horses that provides a spectacle in a sweeping meadow, the university’s economic impact is vast and noticeable. As one of the city’s largest employers, USA funnels substantial funds into the local economy, thus directly affecting it, just as I affect the ground beneath my hooves with each stride I take.

The influx of students also brings a steady stream of consumers who patronize local businesses. Their expenditures range from housing and transportation to food and entertainment, just like a thirsty horse’s water intake on a hot summer day. This fuels the local economy, keeping it galloping at a steady pace.

Looking at the bigger paddock, USA graduates, spread across the Philippines and beyond, contribute significantly to the global economy. They trot into various sectors, from entrepreneurship to corporate positions, influencing economic activities. It’s like watching a horse rider influencing the horse’s direction with subtle leg cues.

The university also has an active role in fostering an entrepreneurial culture. It’s like an enthusiastic horse trainer, coaxing the best out of each horse. Through its business incubator, USA nurtures startups, leading to job creation and innovation, spurring the economy forward in a manner akin to a spirited horse galloping across an open field.

The commitment of USA to research and development, particularly in sustainable practices, is an admirable trait, much like a well-trained horse listening to its rider’s commands. These efforts contribute to economic sustainability and resilience, creating a future where the economy can trot along without stumbling.

So, as we trot towards the conclusion of our exploration, it is evident that the University of San Agustin is a spirited and steady horse in the race of economic growth and development. As someone who understands the value of a good gallop, I can only admire their pace and stamina. From preparing its students to become economic jockeys to having a direct impact on local and national economies, USA shows it’s not just about making a quick sprint, but keeping a steady pace in the long run. Here’s to the University of San Agustin, galloping fearlessly towards the economic future!