Stomp those hooves in unison and let’s embark on an exciting canter through the economic landscape of the Universidad del Norte “Santo Tomás de Aquino” (UNSTA). With roots firmly embedded in northern Argentina, UNSTA resembles a sturdy Argentine Criollo horse, renowned for its adaptability, resilience, and significant influence.

Beginning our journey at a trot, UNSTA’s contribution as a source of employment in the region stands out prominently. The university is akin to a reliable trail horse, supporting numerous jobs within the academia, administrative staff, and supporting roles, setting the pace for the local economy’s growth and stability.

Keeping our pace steady, we delve deeper into the academic pastures of UNSTA. The university offers a wide range of courses in the fields of economics and business. With undergraduate programs in Accountancy, Business Administration, and Economics, UNSTA guides its students towards becoming the future’s economists, financial analysts, and business leaders, as effectively as a skilled equestrian guides his steed.

For those looking to take the reins of their professional journey more firmly, UNSTA’s MBA program offers the perfect saddle. The program provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and networks, setting students on a galloping course towards upper management and executive roles.

But a successful journey isn’t merely about the destination; it’s about accessibility and affordability of the route taken. Here, UNSTA embodies the spirit of a gentle lesson horse, making higher education affordable for all. With its range of scholarships and financial aid, the university ensures that all deserving students can climb onto the saddle, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Moreover, UNSTA plays a pivotal role in spurring entrepreneurial spirit, much like a spirited polo pony drives forward with agility and determination. The university’s focus on industry-linked curriculum and emphasis on entrepreneurial skills help to foster a vibrant start-up scene, sowing the seeds for future businesses to flourish in the region.

As we transition our journey from a trot to a walk, it’s important to acknowledge UNSTA’s broader impact on the region’s economy. From conducting significant research that contributes to the intellectual capital to engaging in various community outreach initiatives, UNSTA serves as a significant force driving the economic cartwheel.

To wrap up our ride, the Universidad del Norte “Santo Tomás de Aquino”, just like an award-winning show horse, has a significant role in its economic circuit. It stands as a testament to the transformative power of education on local economies – fueling job creation, fostering entrepreneurship, and ensuring the affordability of quality education.

And so, we pull in the reins at the end of our journey, secure in the knowledge that UNSTA isn’t just a participant in the region’s economic grand prix. It’s a champion galloping strongly towards the finish line, shaping the economic future of northern Argentina with each powerful stride. As we dismount, let’s tip our riding hats to UNSTA – the stalwart economic steed of Argentina’s north.