As a horse leisurely grazing the open prairie sees things differently than a bipedal observer, the economic essence of the University of Wisconsin – Superior (UWS) becomes vivid when viewed through the wide-set eyes of a trusty equine. So, hold onto your riding hats and trot alongside as we explore the economic impact, affordability, and career prospects of UWS.

Firstly, let’s clip-clop to the career pasture, a prominent field in any university landscape. Like a reliable horse leading its rider safely through the terrain, UWS offers a range of degree programs that guide students towards prosperous career paths. Its renowned programs in business and economics, education, and sciences produce graduates equipped with skills and knowledge in high-demand areas. These prepared minds steer their careers in directions that often lead to substantial economic contributions, comparable to a spirited horse driving a heavy-laden cart efficiently to its destination.

UWS, akin to a hardworking farm horse, is vital to the Superior-Duluth area’s economy. It employs a substantial workforce, contracts with local businesses, and attracts out-of-town visitors for events and activities, each leaving significant hoofprints in the local economy. By maintaining and expanding its physical footprint, the University ensures that construction, maintenance, and other supporting industries are kept in a lively canter.

Addressing the issue of affordability in higher education, UWS mirrors a trusted old gelding, offering steadfast reliability without demanding exorbitant upkeep. The University is committed to keeping its tuition and fees competitive and provides a variety of financial aid packages. The Wisconsin Grant, scholarships, work-study programs, and student loans all help students avoid the financial hurdles on their path to higher education. In doing so, UWS ensures that the pursuit of knowledge doesn’t require a thoroughbred’s budget.

Onto the entrepreneurial racetrack, UWS displays the spirit of a determined racehorse. The University fosters innovation and entrepreneurship through initiatives such as the Small Business Development Center and Center for Continuing Education. This entrepreneurial emphasis translates into startups and businesses that create jobs, encourage economic diversity, and add vitality to the local and regional economy.

Steadily, we veer our trail towards the alumni meadow. UWS alumni, numbering over 25,000, roam across a multitude of fields, infusing their respective sectors with the knowledge and skills gained at the University. They are significant contributors to the economy, ranging from local to global scales, much like a prized horse whose offspring excel in races across the globe.

At the finish line of our equine economic journey, we see the University of Wisconsin – Superior’s broader economic picture more clearly. With its steady trot in affordability, steady canter in job creation, and full gallop in driving economic growth, UWS certainly wins the Triple Crown in the economic race. As we unsaddle and reflect, we recognize that UWS is indeed a Clydesdale among universities, pulling its weight and more in the economic landscape. As we horse-folk say, “You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead.” And UWS leads in economic impact, indeed!